Mark Golightly



Drive Duty

Sources of Stability
Jacqueline Golightly, my soon-to-be-married sister
Major Golightly, my father
Richard Dimbleby, a colleague at BBC radio
Pillars of Sanity
The truth must be reported
Humanity will get through this
There must be a rational explanation
Investigative skills Level
History 1
Languages 2
Library Use 2
Assess Honesty 2
Bureaucracy 2
Credit Rating 2
Flattery 1
Interrogation 1
Intuition 2
Reassurance 2
Streetwise 1
Art 1
Evidence Collection 2
Outdoorsman 1
Photography 2
General skills Level
Athletics 10
Driving 7
Firearms 5
First Aid 5
Health 10
Sanity 10
Scavenging 1
Scuffling 6
Sense Trouble 5
Shadowing 1
Stability 10
Stealth 1

You were born in 1901, the year that Marconi first broadcast radio across the Atlantic. Throughout your childhood, you were fascinated by radio, tinkering with electrical circuits until you could send a signal.

Once you reached adulthood, however, you put your love of radio aside and followed your father’s career as a journalist. A friend got you a job on the South Wales Echo, but Cardiff was too rainy for your taste, and you quickly transferred to the Evening Post in Nottingham. After several long and happy years, you were asked to join the BBC as a radio reporter.

Here, finally, was an opportunity to combine your passions for journalism and radio. Journalism, you have always believed, was not merely a profession but a calling: you have a duty to tell people what is happening. So, at the beginning of this year, you took up the post. Your family, especially your sister, regularly tuned into the BBC Regional Programme to hear your voice.

Mark Golightly

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