Agnes Bartlett



Drive: Arrogance

Sources of Stability
Major Tom Bartlett, my father
Jane Partridge, my mother
Mrs Handy, my next door neighbour
Pillars of Sanity
Nature can be tamed
People have inner strength
The countryside
Investigative skill Level
Anthropology 1
Architecture 1
Biology 1
History 2
Languages 2
Library Use 2
Theology 1
Assess Honesty 2
Bargain 1
Intimidation 1
Oral History 2
Reassurance 1
Craft 1
Evidence Collection 2
Outdoorsman 2
General skills Level
Athletics 10
Driving 7
ElectricalRepair 5
Firearms 6
Health 10
Mechanical Repair 10
Riding 5
Sanity 10
Scavenging 1
Sense Trouble 1
Shadowing 1
Stability 10

In the quiet Cotswolds, you write romantic novels. Over the years, you have built a fan base, and your work involves writing to the formula they like. You watch sheep in the neighbouring fields, while writing tales of young love.

It is not a love that you have experienced yourself. Your love for your husband is built, not on passion, but practicality: he is amiable, useful and your daily routines fit well together. Sometimes, friends ask you whether your novels are an outlet for a hidden passion, but they are not. You are perfectly content.

In your marriage, you are the practical one. You find physical labour a useful break from your writing and enjoy making minor repairs about the house. Recently, you even built a small outhouse, teaching yourself bricklaying. Richard, on the other hand, is happiest in the kitchen and enjoys cooking your meals.

Thus, you fit together rather well.

Agnes Bartlett

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