Dr. James Falk



Drive: Curiosity

Sources of Stability
Jemima Falk, my mother
Professor Henry Derringer, who trained me at the Royal Free Hospital
Jane, my wife (deceased)
Pillars of Sanity
Keeping people alive is what counts
If you work hard enough, you can achieve anything
God bless Britain
Investigative skills Level
Biology 2
Languages 2
Library Use 1
Medicine 4
Theology 1
Assess Honesty 2
Bargain 1
Bureaucracy 1
Intuition 1
Leadership 1
Oral History 1
Reassurance 2
Streetwise 1
Forensics 2
Pharmacy 2
General skills Level
Driving 5
Firearms 2
First Aid 10
Fleeing 10
Health 8
Mechanical Repair 3
Preparedness 10
Sanity 10
Scavenging 1
Sense Trouble 10
Shadowing 1
Stability 10

You are Dr. James Falk

Getting trained as a doctor was difficult, especially given your middle-class upbringing: it would have been easier if your parents were landowners, but they were teachers. Nevertheless, you fought your way into training at the Royal Free, then talked your way into a job at the London Child Guidance Clinic. Children wouldn’t be your first choice of patients, but you cannot complain.

You met Jane, a junior doctor at the Royal Free, during your training. It was love at first sight, and you soon married. You were both going on holiday to Paris and decided to overnight in Dover and catch the early morning ferry to Calais. The previous evening you consumed rather a lot of wine during your meal and had a blazing argument with your wife who left the table and told you to get another room. You tried to apologise but Jane would not budge, so you asked the receptionist for another room, luckily they had one and slept there. You awoke very late the following morning and realised you had missed your boat. You went to reception to enquire about your wife but found that many people were sick including your wife and that she had been taken to the hospital. You followed and found the hospital overflowing and a near riot occurring outside. Eventually you found your wife who died in your arms. Unable to save her or diagnose what was happening to her or the hundreds of other people you stayed at the hospital to help and discovered that the people must have ingested some kind of plant pathogen, but you have no idea how to cure it.

A mad Russian came to the hospital shouting in his native tongue something about a ship but he was drunk and as you tried to calm him he attacked you, knocking you out. The next thing you remember is that he had tied you up and was leading you around Dover. He was armed with a shotgun and continued to babble on in Russian.

Dr. James Falk

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