Edith Peel



Drive: Antiquarianism

Sources of Stability
Patience Peel, your aging mother
Harriet Chalmers Adams, your rival
Martha Peel, your younger sister
Pillars of Sanity
If you can shoot it, it can’t hurt you
Nothing can compete with the dangers you saw in Africa
Ignore the pain and it will go away
Investigative skills Level
Anthropology 1
Archaeology 2
Architecture 2
Biology 2
Geology 1
History 2
Library Use 2
Medicine 1
Occult Studies 1
Assess Honesty 1
Bargain 1
Credit Rating 4
Flattery 1
Oral History 1
Navigation 1
Outdoorsman 1
General skills Level
Athletics 10
Driving 5
Explosives 1
Firearms 10
First Aid 10
Health 10
Sanity 10
Scavenging 1
Scuffling 5
Sense Trouble 1
Shadowing 1
Stability 10
Stealth 1
Weapons 5

You have just returned from Africa, where you unearthed ancient and strange cities in dense forests. While there, you were attacked by a lion and survived. Having coped with that, you feel nothing could scare you.

For the last week, you have been with your elderly mother in Chelsea, an affluent part of London. These visits are becoming longer, you find, since her memory is not what it was. When you arrived, she did not recognise you: the first time this has happened. You wonder what will happen to her: will you be expected to abandon your travels and look after her?

Edith Peel

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