Richard Bartlett



Drive: Follower

Sources of Stability
Major Bartlett, my father-in-law
Sir Edward North, my father
Mrs Handy, my neighbour
Pillars of Sanity
You can always rely on your money
You can trust plants
There is nothing that a good night’s sleep won’t cure
Investigative skills Level
Agriculture 2
Archaeology 1
Botany 2
Geology 1
History 1
Library Use 1
Medicine 1
Theology 2
Assess Honesty 1
Bureaucracy 1
Credit Rating 5
Flattery 2
Oral History 1
Reassurance 1
Outdoorsman 2
General skills Level
Athletics 10
Driving 4
Firearms 10
First Aid 10
Health 10
Riding 10
Sanity 10
Scavenging 1
Scuffling 5
Sense Trouble 5
Shadowing 1
Stability 10

If you are honest, your farm does not make much money. Some years, especially recent years, it even loses money. Yet you still love farming, in the traditional way your learned from your father, even if more modern techniques would be more profitable.

In fact, your love of plants has become your obsession. You have taught your self botany, through practical experience and hugely expensive books. You frequently travel to the British Museum Library to read botanical journals and are well-known at Kew Gardens.

Fortunately, you have a fortune to rely on. There is also your wife, Agnes, who writes rather silly novels. You are, as your friends tell you, something of a kept man. You are devoted to Agnes: you would, to be frank, follow her anywhere. She is your rock, the one constant in your life.

Richard Bartlett

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